Curriculum Vitae
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      Reviews & Press
Fulbright Fellowship, Post-Graduate Study 2009 National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria
Master of Fine Arts 2004-06 University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT
Bachelor of Fine Arts (cum laude) 1996-98  University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Certificate in Painting 1991-96 Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Phila., PA

2012-13 Goodman Banks Artist in Residence, Kingswood Oxford School, West Hartford, CT
2012 Babayan Culture House, Artist in Residence, Cappadocia, Turkey
2012 Elsewhere Artist Collaborative, Artist in Residence, Greensboro NC
2012 Professional development grant, Greensboro College, Greensboro, NC
2011 Oryahovo International Residency, Oryahovo, Bulgaria
2010-11 Center for Community at Billings Forge, 12-month residency, Hartford CT
2010-11 Collaborative Team Faculty Grant Award [w/Deborah Dancy & Earl McDonald]University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT
2010 Artist Fellowship Grant in New Media, Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism
2010 Thanatopolis Prize (Environmental Art), I-Park Foundation, East Haddam, CT
2010, 2011 Faculty Grant, Eastern Connecticut State University, Willimantic, CT
2009 Fulbright Fellowship, January 2009 – August 2009, Sofia, Bulgaria
2007, 2008 I-Park International Residency, May 2007 & July 2008, East Haddam CT
2007 Griffis Foundation + Orpheus Foundation, International Artists Residency, July 2007, Polkovnik-Serafimovo, Bulgaria
2004-06 MFA Fellowship/Assistantship, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT
2012 Shaping the Future, video installation, interactive public event, Eleanore M. Juros Gallery Kingswood Oxford School, West Hartford, CT
2011 Time in Contest With Truth, video installation, interactive public event New Britain Museum of Art, New Britain, CT
2011 Stealing the Show, prints, surveillance video, interactive public event Ann Rudd Galyon Gallery, Greensboro College, Greensboro, NC
2009 Room For Thought, installation, video, performance, Art 36 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria.
2007 Hubovo, happening, Sculpture, drawings, video, National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria.
2007 Hubovo, happening, sculpture, video, Smolian Art Museum, Smolian, Bulgaria.
2007 Behind the Lines, installation, video, i2i Gallery, San Antonio, TX, USA.
2006 Correspondence, installation, video, PSII Gallery, New York , NY, USA.
2006 Aerial, UCAL Gallery, photography and paintings, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
2003 Strata, paintings, Philadelphia International Institute Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
2002 Past and Present, paintings, Philadelphia International Institute Gallery, Philadelphia, PA,   USA.
1998 Jump to Paint, paintings, Conservation Studio for the Arts, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
1997 Paperworks, works on paper, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
2012 OUTVIDEO, International Festival of video art in public spaces, video: Scratch, Ekaterinburg, Russia
2012 Sofia Underground 2012 Performance Art Festival, Video Installation:Crossing the Danube, Union of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia, Bulgaria
2012 7th International Contemporary Fabrikartgrup Arts Festival, Video Installation Mustafa Pasha, Cappadocia, Turkey
2011 Forget-me-nots, video installation, sculptural audio installation, Hygienic Gallery, New London, CT
2010 Arts @ Work, video documentation of Bread Cycle Works project, 100 Pearl Street Gallery, Hartford, CT
2009 Erasing the Memorial, performance & video installation, (w/ Brigada), Union of Bulgarian   Artists, Sofia, Bulgaria.
2009 Secret School 05: Food at Antena, Chicago, How we hunted for the Ice Cream Tree on the   Hottest Day of Summer, an excerpt from the video Pulling Together, The Legends of   Willimantic, [w/Emcee CM]. Antena Project Space, Chicago, IL, USA
2008 In Transition Russia 2008, National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia Museum   of Fine Arts, Yekaterinburg, Russia.
2008 Speak To Me, Connecticut Biennial, Mattatuck Museum, [curators: Janice LaMotta, Salvatore   Scalora] Waterbury, CT, USA.
2007 Seed Project, Winkleman Gallery, New York NY, USA.
2007 Cultural Identity: A Sharing of Identities Between Two Countries, Alexey von Schlippe   Gallery, University of Connecticut, Avery Point, CT, USA, Sophia Press Gallery, Sofia,   Bulgaria.
2007 The War is Over Again, Sideshow Gallery, New York NY, USA.
2006 Six Connecticut Artists, Sideshow Gallery New York, NY, USA.
2006 Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles CA, USA.
2006 MFA Exhibit, William Benton Museum of Art, Storrs CT, USA.
2006 CAA Conference Invitational Exhibit, MASS ART, Boston MA, USA.
2012 24-Hour Conversation, live, on site & virtual conversation, [w/Rebecca Parker]Topic: Boundaries and Transitions, New Capital Gallery, Chicago, Illinois – Worldwide
2012 Pigeon House Memorial, Installation in Cave, Mustafa Pasha, Cappadocia, Turkey
2012 Insite/Out, (curatorial: conception/development/artist selection), Artspace New Haven, New Haven, CT
2011 24-Hour Conversation, live, on site & virtual conversation, [w/Rebecca Parker], Topic: Who Owns Imagination? Elsewhere Collaborative, Greensboro, NC – Worldwide
2011 rePlacing, Performance, [w/Rebecca Parker], SECCA – South East Center for Contemporary Art, Winston-Salem, NC
2011 Time in Contest with Truth, video installation, interactive public event, lecture New Britain Museum of Art, New Britain, CT
2010-11 Bread Cycle Works, conception/organization - collaborative public project  [w/Emcee CM, Alexander Hill, James Holland, Rebecca Parker and citizens of Frog Hollow], Hartford, CT
2010 Assembled in Time, a commissioned permanent video installation memorial to Jewish citizens, Synagogue and Kulturhouse, Bad Sobernheim, Germany
2010 SERA SALON – Social Experiments Relational Acts, (curatorial: conception/development/artist selection/performance),  relational work on the subject of Service, New Haven, CT
2010 24-Hour Conversation, live on site and virtual conversation, [w/Rebecca Parker],Topic: Community Through Art, Billings Forge Center for Community, Hartford, CT - Worldwide
2009 Electric Kids Performance Exchange, Virtual Bridge (co-curated w/EmceeCM)  (conception/development/performance/artist selection), Sofia, Bulgaria / New York, NY
2009 Gypsy Wagon Prophet Theater, mobile video installation, Sofia Underground Performance Festival, Night of Museums, Sofia, Bulgaria
2009 Monument To The People, action. [w/BRIGADA & friends], Sofia, Bulgaria
2009 Monument To The Hopeful Beggar, Ich Bitte Sie Für 1 Wort / I Beg You For One Word, action, Bahnhof Friedrichstrasse, Berlin, Germany
2009 24-Hour Conversation, live on site and virtual conversation, [w/Rebecca Parker], Sofia, Topic: Everyone Is An Artist, Union of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia, Bulgaria - Worldwide Art Removal Taskforce, action, erasing art from the streets, Willimantic, CT
2008 How To Be A Good Guest, commissioned two-day performance and video installation, Night of the Museums, Gallery Progress, [curator: Jovana Stokic], Belgrade, Serbia
2008 The Spine, collaborative public performance, Fulbright International Summer Institute, Triavna, Bulgaria
2008 Legends of Willimantic, ongoing public performance, 2006 – Present, [w/Emcee CM & The Citizen Shipwrights of Willimantic], Hartford, Middletown & East Haddam, CT
2008 24 Hour Conversation, live on site and virtual conversations, [w/Rebecca Parker], Topic: Open, Chashama 266 W 37th Street, New York NY - Worldwide
2008 Cocohabitat II, performance, sculpture, [w/Ari Tabei], Williamsburg Art and Historic Center, New York, NY
2007 Cocohabitat, performance, sculpture, [w/Ari Tabei], chashama 112 W. 44th St. New York, NY
2007 Beneath the Black Earth, performance, photography, video. [w/Deborah Dancy and Earl MacDonald], The Nafe Katter Thrust Theater, Storrs CT
2006 Seed Project, a global environmental installation, Art World Digest, Winkleman Gallery, New York NY





Artists Talk, Shaping the Future, Kingswood Oxford School, West Hartford, CT
Artists Talk, Babayan Culture House, Ibrahimpasha, Cappadocia, Turkey
Artists Talk, Underwondering, Greensboro College, Greensboro, NC
Artists Talk, Elsewhere Living Museum, Greensboro, NC
Lecture, Time in Contest with Truth, New Britain Museum of Art, New Britain, CT
Artist’s Presentation, Bread and Creative Community Building, project: Bread Cycle Works, presented to Creativity and Social Change Course, University of Connecticut, The Studio at Billings Forge, Hartford, CT
Artist’s Presentation, Architects of Inspiration, project: Bread Cycle Works, presented to AIGA, The Professional Association For Design, The Studio at Billings Forge, Hartford, CT
Panel Presentation at Community Institute on Peace Education (CIPE), Visions to Sustain Us-Building a Community of Learning and Sharing for Transformative Change, Hartford, CT
Artist’s Talk: Temporal Monuments, Social Sculpture Experiments in Bulgaria, Contemporary Art Galleries, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT
Visiting Critic, final critique of junior studio, Landscape Architecture Department, University of Connecticut,  Storrs CT
Lecture: Documenting Civil Disobedience, Red House for Culture & Debate, Sofia, Bulgaria
Artist’s Talk: By Any Media Necessary, National Academy of Fine Arts, Visual Semiotics course, Mural Department, Sofia, Bulgaria.
International Conference: The addressees of the EU Internal and External Policy:De Jure and De Facto
Paper presented: Intercultural Collaboration for Artistic Response to Global Hatred. Presented at the Department of Logic, Ethics, and Aesthetics at Sofia University, Sofia
Creativity Networking Workshop, Windham Arts Collaborative, Willimantic, CT, USA.
Cultural Agency Workshop, Lecture & Panel, Multimedia Installation, Storrs CT, USA.
Lecture, Alternative Photography: Loss, Consumption, Obsession, William Benton Museum,   Storrs, CT, USA.
Artist MFA Statement Slide Lecture, Venting, Apartment 34 (Parallel Construction), William Benton Museum of Art, University of Connecticut, Storrs CT, USA.
Visiting Critic, School of Architecture, Temple University, Philadelphia PA, USA.
Faith Middleton, “Faith Middleton’s on the Road: New Britain Museum of American Art (Masterpieces of American Art)”, WNPR radio, New Haven, CT, March 15, 2011
Allan Appel “The (DADA) Massage was the Message”, New Haven Independent, New Haven, CT, October 11, 2010
Von Gert Schatto, “Bad Sobernheim kann stolz sein / Bad Sobernheim can be proud”, Rhein Main Presse, Rheinland, Germany, May 28, 2010
“The Artist Who Fishes In A Puddle”, Interview with Nina Neikova, Bulgarian National Television, Sofia, Bulgaria, August 8, 2009
“Russian Artists Impressions Of Bulgaria” Nova Television, Sofia, Bulgaria, Aug. 9, ‘09
Interview with Nevena Pramatarova, Program Hristo Botev, Bulgarian National Radio, Sofia, Bulgaria, August 5, 2009
Peter Petrov, “Room for Thought” at “Art 36”, Monitor, Life Section, Sofia, Bulgaria,August 5, 2009
Daria Kurdyukova, “ In Tight Transition”, The Independent, Moscow, Russia, January 01, 2008 Brynn Mandel, The Associated Press, “Man In Suit, On Art Mission”, Boston Globe,October 3, 2008, Denver Post, October 3, 2008, Youngstown Vindicator, OH - Oct 4, 2008, The Day, October 4, 2008, Journal Inquirer, October 5, 2008, Hartford Courant, October 8, 2008
Brynn Mandel, “Wandering with a Purpose” Waterbury Republican-American, September 27, 2008
Patricia Rosoff, Review of Alumni Biennial One at Contemporary Art Galleries of University of Connecticut, Art New England, November 2008
Brynn Mandel, Associated Press, “Man In Suit On An Art Mission”, – NewYork,, wire,,,
Colin Poitras, “Contemporary Art Galleries Hosting Exhibition Of Alumni Art” Uconn Advance, Storrs, CT, September 2008
“Night of Museums”, Student World, Belgrade, Serbia, May 15, 2008
Interview “How To Be A Good Guest” B-92 Television, Belgrade, Serbia, May 2008
Monica Ruiz “Ted Efremoff Behind The Lines At Vtrue Gallery” Voices of Art Magazine, San Antonio, Texas, January 2008
Paul Bregenzer “Video Über Die Marum-Geschichte” Allgemeine Zeitung, Rhein, Germany, August 2007
Sonja Unger “Zeitreise Durch Die Judische Geschichte” Oeffentlicher Anzeiger, Bad Sobernheim, Germany,  August 2007
Peter Gaidarov “Levchev Writes and Sculpts” Work, Sofia, Bulgaria, July 2007
“Levchev Conquers Clay” 24 Hours, Smolian, Bulgaria, July 2007
“Anchors Away” The Willimantic Chronicle, May 10, 2007
Behind the Lines”, Art World Digest Magazine January 2007
Emily Morrison “You Are What You Beat” San Antonio Current, February 2007
Ric Jenny “New L.I.C. Gallery Pushes Envelope” Queens Chronicle, June 2006
“Seed Project”, Art World Digest Magazine, December 2006
Clare Rowland “Activism in the Form of Art: Artist Ted Efremoff Walks Us Through”Uconn Free Press, 2006

‘Strata’, Philadelphia Inquirer, October 3, 2003

Assistant Professor of Art (Tenure Track), Greensboro College, 2011-Present    
Art 1100 
Art 1205  
Art 1505   
Art 2305  
Art 2605 
Art 2705  
Art 4500  
Art 4900 
Introduction to Visual Art
2D-3D-4D Design Foundations
Painting I
Drawing II

Computer Graphics

Imaging Time
Senior Portfolio
Public Art Seminar Instructor,Ludwigsburg University of Education, Ludwigsburg, Germany, 2013    
Artist Mentor, MFA Program, Art Institute of Boston, 2010-2011    
Adjunct Faculty, Eastern Connecticut State University, 2006-2011
Art 100     
Art 110  
LAP 130    
Art 124  
Art 350  
Art 365                    
Studio Art Introduction
2D Design
Art in the Everyday: Sound, Movement, Metaphor                                                            
Digital Imaging
Video Art
Video Installation
Adjunct Faculty, Manchester Community College, 2009-2011
Art B282      New Media
Adjunct Faculty, University of Connecticut, 2006-2011
Art 1030     
Art 1520 
Art 3010     
Art 3020         
Art 3030     
Art 2310     
Art 3310/20     
Art 2610     
Art 3630    
Art 3410     
Drawing I
Drawing II
Life Drawing II
Advanced Figure Drawing
Advanced Drawing
Basic Studio, Painting
Intermediate Painting
Basic Sculpture Wood, Ceramics
Sculpture, (wood)
Introduction to Video Art
Adjunct Faculty, University of Hartford, 2006-2007
Art 116 
Art 117              
3D Foundation Studio I
3D Foundation Studio II
Babayan Culture House, Ibrahimpasha, Cappadocia, Turkey
Synagogue and Kulturehouse, Bad Sobernheim, Germany
Sound Art Museum, Rome, Italy
Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles, CA, USA.
Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury, CT, USA.
Avencia Inc., Philadelphia, PA, USA.
2008-2012 Visual Arts Committee Member, Artspace New Haven, New Haven, CT      
2010-11 Billings Forge Center for Community, Bread Cycle Works Project, Hartford, CT      
2007-2010 Holy Family Shelter Mural Design project w/students from Eastern Connecticut State, University 2D design class, Willimantic, CT      
2008 End Homelessness Campaign w/students from Eastern Connecticut State University 2D   design class, Willimantic, CT      
2006 Pulling Together, Community boat build w/Emcee CM, citizens of Willimantic, students from: University of Hartford 3D Foundation, Eastern Connecticut State University Intro. to   Studio Art, University of Connecticut Basic Drawing, Willimantic, CT      
2004-06 Gallery Committee Member, Art Space Windham, Windham, CT      
2002-04 Board Member, University City Arts League, Philadelphia PA, USA.
 Creator and Chair of First Sunday & Urban Word Performance Series, promoting emerging   artists in film, dance, music, poetry and theater, Philadelphia PA
2001 Co-founder of World Arts Collaborative, organization donating proceeds from art sales to   families of 9/11 victims, Philadelphia, PA      
1992-95 Volunteer Art Instructor, Holy Name Catholic School, Camden NJ